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Providing support for Mothers and Allied Health professionals wanting to learn how to better support Mothers. Guided by Dr Oscar Serrallach, Functional Doctor, Postnatal Specialist  Author of The Postnatal Depletion Cure, and The MotherCare Project team.

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With great empathy and wisdom, Dr Serrallach explains how to restore your health and vitality using nutrition, gentle exercises and simple strategies to get you to finally feel like yourself again."

Gwyneth Paltrow

Founder, GOOP

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The minds and hearts behind the MotherCare Project...

Dr Oscar Serrallach

World leader in MotherCare, Functional Medicine Doctor & Author

Specialising in postnatal depletion, Dr Oscar's medical expertise centres around optimising Mothers health and wellness.  "I deeply believe that if Mothers are well, Families can be well. And if Families are well, then Society has a much better chance of being well."

Caroline Cowley

Heart and Co-Founder of the MotherCare Project 

Caroline co-founded The MotherCare Project with her husband Dr Oscar Serrallach. She is a Mother of three and offers unwavering, heart-full support to all program participants and clients under Dr Oscar guidance. Caroline is also a singer, yoga teacher and rejoices in hosting sacred rituals and ceremonies.

Emily Sharpe

MotherCare Project Support

Heading our team as Producer and Project Manager, Emily brings over two decades of expertise in marketing, consulting, and project management. With a background in health education, consulting, and strategy, Emily plays a pivotal role behind the scenes of our organisation, advancing our vision of a future that prioritises mother-centered healthcare.

Erin Lee

MotherCare Project Support

Mother of two teenage daughters, Erin has first-handedly experienced the health benefits of Dr Oscar and Caroline's support. Now, she loves supporting the MotherCare Project team with website and program design, creation and support, as well as running her own yoga school.

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What is Postnatal Depletion?

Postnatal depletion is a constellation of symptoms affecting all spheres of a woman’s life after she gives birth. These symptoms arise from changes in the way the brain works, physiological challenges, hormonal changes and interruption of the circadian day/night rhythm of her sleep cycle, layered with psychological, mental and emotional components.

It was during Dr Oscar’s own journey of starting a family with his partner Caroline - looking at Motherhood through the lens of Functional Medicine to try to understand why his own partner and so many of his patients were struggling with Motherhood - that he started to see a pattern emerge.  

After coining the phrase 'Postnatal Depletion'  Oscar went on to write his groundbreaking book 
The Postnatal Depletion Cure which has now sold over 30,000 copies. This book has indeed helped thousands of Mothers to get back on track after having children.

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Buy the book, and access Dr Oscar's never-published, bonus chapter!

In this never-published chapter on Recovering Your Home, Dr Oscar reveals a few easy steps that can help you tremendously - not just with reducing your postnatal depletion, but with improving the health of your entire family.

'The Postnatal Depletion Cure is a groundbreaking perspective on women's health, which offers hope and practical information in equal measure for mothers who are beyond exhausted... I would recommend Dr Serrallach's book to all mothers.' - Penelope Cruz

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"Why am I Failing at Motherhood?"

“In my clinic, I do not see Mothers who have failed or who are not trying hard enough. What I do see every day are Mothers who are physically and emotionally depleted, exhausted and stressed. They are at the end of their tether with no end in sight.”
- Dr Oscar Serrallach

Through countless medical consultations with Mothers over many years, Dr Oscar has seen that fundamentally, there are a number of external factors which also contribute to a Mother’s struggles:

⚪️  The lack of a “village” and genuine unconditional support.

⚪️  The glorification of busyness.

⚪️  The Myth of the Super Mum.

⚪️  The lack of understanding about Matrescence (the becoming of a Mother) and Rites of Passage for this important transition in life.

⚪️  The lack of understanding by medical professionals about the unique biology of Mothers.

⚪️  The prevalence of capitalistic societies that are not set up to support families.

⚪️  Mothers being alone at a time when they are meant to be most connected.

We're here to help...

Dr Oscar and partner Caroline Cowley are passionate about making real change happen. Having three children together they experienced years of struggle through the breakdown of health, lack of sleep, work pressures, the emergence of underlying health issues brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding and lack of support.

Oscar and Caroline now dedicate their lives to speaking about Postnatal Depletion with the genuine desire to help others going through a similar journey.

Head on over to Dr Oscar Serrallach's website for more supporting resources and courses:

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