Rest, nourishment & transformation 
just for Mothers
Dr. Oscar Serrallach 

18 - 21 February 2022 

We invite you to join us for three deeply restorative days specifically designed for the needs of depleted Mothers to feel deeply rested, nourished and relaxed.  

Dr Oscar Serrallach, author of 'The Post Natal Depletion Cure' and Functional medicine specialist, and a team of skilled facilitators & motherhood professionals deeply attuned in the needs of mothers in the post-natal stage invite you to join this special retreat designed specifically for mothers with children aged 12 months to 7 years.


While so many mums can be expertly prepared for pregnancy and birth to give our little ones the best start,  we are often caught off guard by the massive challenge that is postnatal recovery in the years after giving birth.  The sacred rite of passage of becoming of a Mother has been forgotten and with it we have lost the support and integration of restorative practices, repletion and self-care. 

On this retreat you will receive:

  • a breadth of knowledge about postnatal depletion

  • the physical, emotional and social changes of becoming a mother

  • historical and cultural constructs of motherhood

  • embodiment practices to support for your nervous system

  • a deeply healing post-natal ritual experience

  • a safe and supported environment to connect and share your journey with other mothers.  

Our aim is for you to feel seen, understood and honoured in the sacred transformation that is Motherhood.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

"Why Am I So Bone Tired?"

"If only I could get myself back on track."


"Why do I feel like I am failing at Motherhood?"


As mothers, we are often told its "normal" to feel exhausted, but we believe it is not normal. common yes, but not normal...

If you want your vitality back.
If you are seeking support and practical strategies to return to wellbeing,
and, if you are open to unlearn some of the widely held 'truths' about motherhood, and if you would like to confidently continue your journey of wellbeing ...
The Mother Care Retreat has been created for you.

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Dr Oscar Serrallach is a Functional Medicine Doctor who has been researching Postnatal Recovery for almost ten years. His groundbreaking book, “The Postnatal Depletion Cure” published by Goop in 2018, was the first research to really look at the unique biology and hormones of a woman after giving birth and the toll that pregnancy birth and breastfeeding will place on her, especially if she is already depleted going into pregnancy. He is joined by a team of women specialising in supporting Mothers.


What's included:

  • All sessions on post natal depletion, nervous system restoration, strategies for sleep and self care, unlearning our beliefs about Motherhood, PLUS transformative rituals that honour your very unique motherhood journey. 

  • All meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner made from organic and local produce + beautiful nourishing snacks and teas.

  • Daily Embodiment Practice

  • Plenty of Rest

  • Airport transfers to and from Ballina/Byron Airport                                 (at scheduled times)

  • COVID Safe protocols


From 4:00 pm on Friday 18th February to 12:30 pm on Monday 21st February, 2022

Programme Cost:

$1500.00* inclusive of programme & catering.  On site Accomodation additional per room choice.  


*3 nights luxury private or shared accomodation of your choice in a Private Suite, Standard, or Twin Share room is additional to the programme fee. Limited Non-residential places also available. 


Blue Green Sanctuary, 320 Picadilly Hill Rd, Newrybar, NSW  Australia 

Our aim is for you to experience deep rest and support,  to mother yourself with kindness and compassion,
and to renew your spirit in order to be the mother your family and the world needs...
There are limited spaces available for this special program.
 Register now to reserve your place on the Spring Mother Care Retreat

"The Mother Care Project is more
than Mothers healing after birth. 
It's also about restoring the principles of
the Sacred Feminine on a global scale"  
Dr. Oscar Serrallach

The Mother Care Project acknowledges the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung Nation as the first inhabitants and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live,
learn and work and pays respect to the elders past, present and emerging.

Meet The Team

Kamya O'Keeffe

Photo 8-1-19, 1 18 47 pm.jpg

Kamya O'Keeffe

Kamya is a facilitator of Women’s Rites of Passage journeys - delivering the Leadership Trainings and Mother’s programmes with The Rites of Passage Institute and Women's Wellness specialists. Kamya takes women on journeys, crossing the threshold to reclaim their power, become aware of their unique gifts and ways of knowing, while also unpacking cultural archetypes,  conditioning  and systemic injustice.  Her focus on this retreat is in supporting women to 'Unlearn the Good Mother' and reconnect to our Ancestral Feminine.   She is the daughter of courageous Celtic women, a mother of 2 sisters, and on a pilgrimage to Elderhood and believes women have the power to reweave our world. 

Anna Watts profile blue.JPG

Anna Watts

Anna Watts has been guiding mothers through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood for over 30 years. She believes in honouring and celebrating birth as a rite of passage, nurturing all elements of this powerful phase of the women's wheel of life, including emotional and spiritual transformation, healing and growth.

Anna's passions include holding space for women's circles, training and mentoring doulas and supporting mothers to feel a deep connection with themselves through creative process,.self-exploration and spiritual tools for healing.


Anna's qualifications include Childbirth Education, Counselling, Spiritual Healing and Birth Art Mentor.


Caroline Cowley

Caroline Cowley’s gift is in helping people connect to their hearts, as a singer, as a yoga teacher and as a gatekeeper to the divine feminine through rituals and ceremonies.Her passion is in supporting women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood, but she also loves the power of wider community gatherings for personal healing, as well as healing for the planet. Through voice and harmonium, Caroline brings forth a devotional experience that has been described as “angelic” and “completely from the heart”.


The Golden Month

Nadia and Carla are two Adelaide mothers who are caring for mothers and helping to re-shape the postpartum care in their community with Traditional Chinese Medicine & nourishing Ayurvedic meals for the post natal repletion.

Their catering business, The Golden Month will be cooking for us at The Mother Care retreat providing delicious and nourishing food that caters for all dietary requirements. 

Dr Carla Brion is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Women’s Health Specialist. 

Nadia Parisi is a Women’s Health Massage Therapist, Fertility, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner. 


A heartfelt thank you to you all for a supportive, nourishing and informative weekend. One I won’t forget anytime soon. I truely feel like it was a weekend that changed me for the better and I look forward to a bright and positive future for myself and my family. 

MotherCare Retreat participant

It was such an enriching weekend, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support and guidance you have all provided. 

MotherCare Retreat participant

The best programs and solutions for health issues are born of doctors that want to help themselves or their loved ones. That is how Dr. Serrallach arrived at his understanding of postnatal depletion, and what makes this book so helpful to women with the same issue, which is a world epidemic. His book is a guide to reclaiming optimal health that any mother who has given birth in the last seven years should read.

Alejandro Junger, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of Clean, Clean Eats, and Clean Gut 

18 Feb, 4:00 pm – 21 Feb, 1:00 pm
Blue Green Byron,
320 Picadilly Hill Rd, Newrybar NSW 2479, Australia